CHEESE - Fromage De Bourgogne - Brillat- Savarin

CHEESE - Fromage De Bourgogne - Brillat- Savarin

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150 g

The cheese is mild in flavour when young but as it matures it will develop rich, complex flavours that meld beautifully together. The white velvety mould encases a soft and creamy interior. During maturation the rind may develop small patches of orange mould.

Country of origin: France
Region, town: Burgundy, Gilly-Lès-Citeaux
Source of milkCow’s milk
TextureCreamy, smooth and supple
Flavour: Buttery, creamy, milky
Aging time: Minimum 3 weeks

Brillat Savarin is the ideal cheese to feature on a board for soft cheese lovers. It will pair well with fresh breads, crackers and fresh fruits. This is a great cheese to try new pairings with.

Serve this creamy, full flavoured cheese with a glass of sparkling wine.