OLIVE OIL - Canaan Fair Trade - Chili Crushed Olive Oil

OLIVE OIL - Canaan Fair Trade - Chili Crushed Olive Oil

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Canaan Fair Trade helps Palestinian farmers stay on their land. Their products are sourced from farmer cooperatives that are members of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. They guarantee fair prices to farmers and reinvest a portion of their profits in development projects that serve farming communities.Palestine Fair Trade is a social enterprise and registered charity based in Sydney.  PFTA import a unique range of ethically sourced and Fair Trade products from Palestine.  

Palate of Perfection

These infused organic olive oils are created by pressing select indigenous Surri olives with fresh crushed chilli.

With an unbeatable flavour, the oil in the olives and the flavour in the produce are released together in the crushing process to give a very aromatic and tasty naturally-flavoured olive oil.

Canaan’s infused olive oils are only prepared once a year during the olive harvest. Canaan’s flavour-packed varieties offer a palate of perfection for dipping, drizzling, or cooking vegetables, meat or seafood.