The Beirut Collection by Rana Salam

Rana Salam is a celebrated designer known for her understanding and use of Middle Eastern pop art & culture, drawing on vibrant imagery and merging it with the latest design technology to create amazing designs. Her work has been widely published in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Elle Deco, Wallpaper, Monocle, among many others.

My cousin and I had the pleasure of meeting this talented woman on our visit to Beirut last year. We hit it off immediately and she kindly offered to show us her Beirut neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh. It was a highlight of my trip and reminded me of the warmth and hospitality of Lebanese people.

Over the last few months Rana has posted walking tours of Beirut and the wonderful neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh, showing all the elements that inspire her work. Unfortunately this eclectic and historic neighbourhood has recently been obliterated.

Rana does more than create unique pieces, she "changes the perceptions of the Middle East through the power of design".

We're proud to bring you the Beirut Collection by Rana Salam

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